Elder Devin Kirk

Elder Devin Kirk
I am blessed to be the messenger that is permitted to bring this joyful message to those who are in great need. I have authorization from our Savior, Jesus Christ, to represent Him in this part of the world. I am given the ability to work miracles in the lives of the people. I am guided by His Spirit in all that I do and say. I am given power to testify boldly to all who will listen that Jesus is the Christ and that He has restored His Gospel in these days and that all can be forgiven and receive the blessings of living this Gospel. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have to be called to this position and be blessed with this assignment.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Arizona Week 58 - The Sign


It's been an exhausting week. We've been running around a lot trying to do everything we need to. There are a lot of things that started up this week: our evening gospel principles class and our open gym sports night. They were pretty successful, and we hope they continue to grow as the weeks go on. The big thing we need to prep for during this week is Seminary. School starts a week from today and Elder Gaebler and I will be teaching the seminary class. We're very excited! It's going to be a lot of fun.

We had lunch with Amy (the white woman we teach) this week and it was a lot of fun. She's very open to religious discussion and truth resonates with her as we speak. At the end of our meal we shared a scripture and sang a song. She came to church yesterday, and we think she enjoyed it. Hopefully she'll come again. 

I taught Sunday School. Participation from everyone gets a little better each week but it stills leaves some to be desired. Not many of them read well, which we need to be sensitive towards. But it went well.

The Pioneer Day celebration was Saturday night. We got back late and the other elders had the truck so we decided to walk to go see some of the people we had on our schedule. When we saw how dark it was outside we were already a little uneasy, but we continued. A car drove past and a passenger yelled from the window, "You Mormon Boys are some brave ____ ____! I hope you have a knife!" Well, we hear that all the time so we kept going. Then in a moment we both stopped; we could not decide whether to continue or to go back. In the hopes of gaining knowledge (but really in a joking manner) I said, "Lord, give us a sign!" At that moment, the street light right above us turned on. It’s the only one on the whole street. This confused us because we really felt that we should go back but the light seemed to tell us that we should go ahead. In a similar manner to the first statement I said, "Lord, give us an interpretation of your sign!" Immediately, the light went out. We ran home! Right before we got back, a woman pulled over and said, "Elders, you shouldn't be walking around right now. It's really bad out here. There was just a huge fight at the end of this road. You need to go home." We realize at that point that if we had continued to our scheduled appointment, we could have walked into some real danger. The Lord truly watches over us and guides us. 

I hope all of you are enjoying summer. I'll try getting pictures this week so you can see what it's like here.

Love you all!

Elder Kirk

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