Elder Devin Kirk

Elder Devin Kirk
I am blessed to be the messenger that is permitted to bring this joyful message to those who are in great need. I have authorization from our Savior, Jesus Christ, to represent Him in this part of the world. I am given the ability to work miracles in the lives of the people. I am guided by His Spirit in all that I do and say. I am given power to testify boldly to all who will listen that Jesus is the Christ and that He has restored His Gospel in these days and that all can be forgiven and receive the blessings of living this Gospel. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have to be called to this position and be blessed with this assignment.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Arizona Week 7 - Transfers

Hey everyone,

So this week was transfer week aaaannnndddd.......I got mini-transferred. (I coined that phrase). I didn't move, but I have a new companion and now I only cover the Granite Reef ward. So Elder Morden and I had our area split, both got new companions, and were each assigned to one of the two wards we had previously covered. You're probably thinking to yourselves, "but they had a car, where did it end up?" That's a very good question everyone. I have it (because our area is bigger, and we live farther away). I'm obviously very pleased with this. But then again, we are the only companionship of Elders that has a car in our area...and everyone wants a ride to places. This will be a challenge that will need to be figured out but all will be well.

We added many new missionaries to our zone family. Prior to transfers, we had 9 companionships of elders and 1 companionship of sisters. We now have, 8 of elders and 3 of sisters. Every ward in our stake has at least 1 companionship assigned to it alone. The work surely is hastening on, and I'm very blessed to be a part of it. We all are.

My new companion's name is Elder Clark. He is from Washington State and has been out for 8 months. This will only be his second area. If you don't know about missions, it's unusual that he would stay in that one place for so long. No matter though, I'm looking forward to working with him. He's VERY in tune with the spirit and seeks spiritual guidance in all that he does. I can tell that we will change many hearts together.

So we now have 4 Elders in our apartment (Elder Clark and me, and Elder Morden and Elder Harris). It's a little more crowded than usual but it should be pretty fun.

I got to see some of the missionaries that were in my MTC district and that was very fun. Many of the sisters that were in the MTC with me (who have not finished being trained) are now training new sisters. I have full faith that they will be able to grow much quicker and that those they train will be extremely good missionaries.

I'm really looking forward to how much the work is going to progress in these coming weeks and months. It's good to be a missionary.

Love you all,

Elder Kirk

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