Elder Devin Kirk

Elder Devin Kirk
I am blessed to be the messenger that is permitted to bring this joyful message to those who are in great need. I have authorization from our Savior, Jesus Christ, to represent Him in this part of the world. I am given the ability to work miracles in the lives of the people. I am guided by His Spirit in all that I do and say. I am given power to testify boldly to all who will listen that Jesus is the Christ and that He has restored His Gospel in these days and that all can be forgiven and receive the blessings of living this Gospel. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have to be called to this position and be blessed with this assignment.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Arizona Week 23 - From the Rooftops

Hey everyone,

I have had a great week. It's nearing the holidays and there are many opportunities to serve others and brighten their day. Also, we were able to host a Baptismal Service for a woman we have been teaching. The service was wonderful and there were so many people there to support her. She shared a few thoughts in Sacrament Meeting after she was confirmed, and I along with many others, was impressed by the strength of her testimony. 

There is a family that recently moved into a neighborhood that we cover. They first met us at a home of a member that we were going to eat with. About 10 minutes after we left their home, they called us to say that the family that moved in had invited us to their Open House party. So, we went and got to know them and it was a really good experience. The couple that lives next to them puts a large Christmas light arrangement on their house each year. The husband was out there working by himself and, after 10 minutes of trying to convince him to let us help, he finally gave in. So, we were climbing up ladders and getting on the roof and hanging a bunch of lights for him. All the while, we had a good conversation with him, and he was so happy that we were able to get so much done so quickly.

Later that day, we went to the home of member to help him install his security cameras. Up to the roof we went again. But this time we goofed off a bit. (attached is a picture of us preaching the Gospel from the rooftops). But we had an enjoyable day of giving service and meeting new people. Sorry this week’s is short, but I hope you enjoy the picture.

Elder Kirk

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