Elder Devin Kirk

Elder Devin Kirk
I am blessed to be the messenger that is permitted to bring this joyful message to those who are in great need. I have authorization from our Savior, Jesus Christ, to represent Him in this part of the world. I am given the ability to work miracles in the lives of the people. I am guided by His Spirit in all that I do and say. I am given power to testify boldly to all who will listen that Jesus is the Christ and that He has restored His Gospel in these days and that all can be forgiven and receive the blessings of living this Gospel. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have to be called to this position and be blessed with this assignment.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Arizona Week 41 - Day of Rest?

Hey Everyone,

This week was great. We had a zone conference on Wednesday, which went really well. President and Sister Sweeney came and taught us many great things about the Atonement and how to use our unique strengths in our missionary work. We took a personality test to better understand ourselves and our motives for action. Using this scale I am Personality Color "white". What this means is that my main motive for things is retain peace. This means that I am a good listener who won't interrupt, and I'm good at gathering information from things I see and discern people’s needs when perhaps others would miss clues. It was kind-of neat.


Also, the vehicle coordinator inspects the cars and the cleanest one wins "The Golden Plates". We went hardcore on cleaning our truck. Went to the car wash owned by the stake president. We did the manual side of the car wash first to clean the engine and the wheel wells. Then, we went to the automatic side and got the "Signature Wash." Next, we went to the vacuums, then to the scent sprayer and finally, we used armor-all on all the interior plastic. Oh yeah, we were serious about it this time. Yeah, we won the golden plates.

The seminary teacher for the local high school is building a home in our area. We found some spare time and went over to help him with painting the interior. For some reason, I really enjoy painting and, it turns out that I'm pretty good at it. It was a great time.

We met this really neat guy the other day. A family in the ward that lives on the reservation was having a yard sale, so we stopped in. There was a man there with a backpack (the backpacking kind of backpack). It turns out that he is walking from LA to Florida, up to New York (or Maine), over to Washington state, and back down to LA to raise awareness about veteran homelessness. He wants to end up getting a plot of land and putting some kind of residence on it for homeless veterans. It was really neat. He just walks and then sets up a tent to sleep and starts up again. He started this adventure in November so it'll probably take a while to complete. He was an inspiring guy though.

Sunday was so busy this week. We get to the church at 7:50am for ward council in one ward. Then, we both spoke in Sacrament Meeting for that same ward. Next, we went to the ward council in the other ward. We went to their Sacrament Meeting, too. In that ward, we taught the youth like we had done with the other ward in the previous week. Oh, but we are not done yet. Then, we had a ward mission correlation meeting. We went out to make visits for the rest of the night. I felt kind of like a chicken without a head, just running all over the place. But it went very well, and we really enjoyed being able to do so much. We would much rather be busy than bored.
We had some extra mattresses...Of course, we made a fort.

Hey Hodgson Clan...check this out!
The biggest, most beautiful burrito ever!
The Macho Burrito at Los Corales
Missed the dart board...they are not even metal tips...but they stuck!

Love you all,

Elder Kirk

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